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An innovative decontamination service
that preserves all the characteristics of the processed products


Food safety is a major issue in the food processing industry. Emerging food safety concerns, new regulatory norms and increasing consumer expectations result in a particular focus  on the microbiological quality of  products.

Since 2012, Steripure offers innovative pasteurization services for treating low moisture products such as nuts, dried fruits, herbs, spices or seed for European importers and processors of food ingredients.

The technology is based on a combination of vacuum and saturated steam which is very effective in microbial reduction even at relatively low temperatures. The process delivers a large reduction of the microbial load on low moisture foods without altering their organoleptic characteristics. Challenge tests show that over a wide range of products the process is validated for a > 5log reduction in pathogens such as Salmonella, E. Coli and thermal resistant spores.

The process is particularly efficient because the vacuum allows the saturated steam to homogeneously reach the surface of the entire load. The thermal transfer capabilities of saturated steam allow for large microbial reduction values at relatively low temperatures.

We are investing in a new plant to double our treatment capacity

We are investing in a new plant…

Four years after its creation Steripure is in good shape and ended a 2016 year in line with objectiv[...]

French customs authorities have agreed to entrust Steripure for the treatment of contaminated batches blocked in Finland

French customs authorities have agreed to entrust…

The cardamom seeds were prohibited for importing by customs upon arrival in Finland as not in confor[...]

The key points

# 1

Efficient and fast reduction in microbial load such as pathogens (salmonella and e.coli), yeasts and molds, as well as insects in all stages of development.

# 2

Due to the precise control of the process, our technology allows to minimize the impact on the organoleptic properties and quality of the product. This can be achieved by utilizing lower temperatures than conventional steam pasteurization technologies.

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