About us

An innovative company

Steripure was founded in 2012 by Olivier Bourgois, starting with a pasteurization installation in Eguilles, France, where the company was able to demonstrate the performance of this innovative process by treating products for several european customers. Steripure uses a technology developped by Napasol, a Swiss company whose process is based on combining vacuum and saturated steam.  Olivier Bourgois was familiar with this technology which he used for treating vanilla products in the company Eurovanille which he founded with his brother.

In 2013 Steripure expanded into a large new facility in Rousset France, where additional technology was installed to meet the growing demand for services from customers and partners. Steripure is now equipped with two static pasteurization lines Statisol 50 and Statisol 600 and one rotative unit Rotosol 60.  With these expanded capabilities Steripure meets the demands of customers with very large volumes as well as those with smaller volumes, and can now even more efficiently treat a full line of products and the specific needs of each customer.


Steripure was officially granted by Bureau Veritas the ISO 22000-2005 certification on October 15th, 2015

ISO22000 380x189This certification, granted two years after the launch of the current production unit is a key achievement in the company’s policy establishment. It allows Steripure to meet the expectations of all its customers, particularly large groups implementing stringent quality measures and policies for their service providers. It confirms the good manufacturing and hygiene practices established by Steripure since its inception, as well as the various process improvements carried out alongside the development of its activity.

Steripure is also certified Label Rouge for Herbes de Provence, and Ecocert FR-BIO-01.

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