What is next for pasteurization? Read the Clipper Mag’s interview with Steripure export sales manager Friedrich Homburger

  May 3rd, 2019   -     Non classé   -  

Contrarily to the US, where – following a deadly salmonella outbreak due to contaminated nuts in 2007 – all Almonds destined for the domestic market are preventively pasteurized, in Europe there is no such legislation. Steripure offers steam sterilization services for low moisture ingredients (conforming to the norms and prescriptions of the Almond Board of […]

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Dried fruit mix suspected as cause of Norway’s ongoing Salmonella outbreak

  Mar 11th, 2019   -     Non classé   -  

Between 900 and 1,300 cases of salmonellosis are reported in Norway each year with the majority infected while traveling abroad. Salmonella Agbeni is one of the rarer serovars in Europe based on data from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). How do you prevent contamination risk on your low moisture food ingredients? Salmonellosis contamination can […]

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Watch the video

  Dec 3rd, 2015   -     Expertise, Non classé, Technology   -  

Watch how it works here : The video

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Steripure’s process efficiency leads to an increase on demand for treatment, particularly on edible nuts

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While the harvest season for nuts is in full swing, Steripure is contemplating its treated volume multiplied by three on this product category compared to 2014 This drastic increase is explained by a growing awareness among European distributors and processors (German ones in particular), and by even more stringent bacteriological specs sets imposed by industry […]

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Salmonella outbreak in macadamia nuts: already two recalls in the United States since September

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Recalls on dry food and nuts for salmonella outbreaks and increasing in the US. On macadamia alone, 2 recalls have been made for Sincerely Nuts (September), Nature’s Eat (September) and Southern Grove (November) products. These recalls are proving once again that the low moisture products are not free from pathogens and should urge all European […]

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From rice to rare pepper, the range of products handled by Steripure continues to expand

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New products recently given to Steripure for treatment also included many commodities (rice balls) as well as dietary supplements (bamboo powder) or products which should be specifically safeguarded for their aroma (coconut powder, rare peppers, teas etc.). The wide range of products given to us for treatment confirms the validity of our process on all […]

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Cartons packaging optimization

     -     Expertise, Newsletter dec 2015, Non classé, Technology   -  

Steripure recently acquired a new vacuum packing equipment in order to better match the shape of the carton during filling and thus optimize packaging. With this new equipment, Steripure can now package the processed products as required by its industrial customers with a single bag in each carton. This investment also aims at increasing the […]

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ISO 22000 Certified

     -     Newsletter dec 2015, Non classé, Quality   -  

Steripure was officially granted by Bureau Veritas the ISO 22000-2005 certification on October 15th, 2015 This certification, granted two years after the launch of the current production unit is a key achievement in the company’s policy establishment. It allows Steripure to meet the expectations of all its customers, particularly large groups implementing stringent quality measures […]

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Our location near Marseille-Fos seaport opens new opportunities of supply for European importers

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In this end of 2015 the validity of our location near the port of Marseille Fos, is confirmed with the arrival, in sea containers, of goods from Australia and South Africa to be treated by Steripure prior to their dispatch in various European countries. First French sea port and a natural gateway to Southern Europe, […]

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