Key issues

An exclusive service in Europe

Closer monitoring of food imports and consumer goods by health authorities and more stringent regulatory oversight have led to increases in the number of recalls and identification of a larger number of food borne illness outbreaks.  Recalls and outbreaks carry a huge cost not only in direct recall cost and human illness costs but they are also damaging to brands and whole product categories as a whole.

Other pasteurization technologies  available on the market, which do not work with saturated steam, are less efficient in  microbial reduction and affect the organoleptic properties of the products with moisture pick up, overheating or mechanical damage.

The solution proposed by Steripure is very efficient at relatively low temperatures with a minimal impact on products even when achieving a >5 log reduction. Steripure now offers a full range of treatments.  The Statisol technology allows treating products in bulk bins with preheating and cooling options for products such as nuts, whereas the Rotosol process allows handling powders and seeds in a dynamic process that maintains materials free flowing.

With this increased capacity and technical diversity Steripure has become the reference facility in Europe for pasteurization service.