Six years of expertise and know how in Steam Sterilization Services for low moisture products

  Dec 13th, 2018   -     Expertise   -  

Steripure was founded in 2012 by Olivier Bourgois, following the vision that the agglomeration of industries, the more and more sophisticated means of product traceability, increasingly widespread media coverage of food scandals and rising conscience about microbiological risk on low moisture food ingredients will profoundly change the market’s need for food safety management. The project […]

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Multiple tahini products linked to Salmonella outbreak; recall initiated

  Dec 7th, 2018   -     Veille   -  

A company in Israel is recalling its tahini products packaged under five brands because a sample tested positive for a strain of Salmonella Concord that has infected people in the United States. Achdut LTD. of Ariel, Israel, announced the recall of its tahini products Nov. 27 as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration was posting. Sesame […]

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Steripure features an article in this month’s Ingredients Insights edition

  Dec 4th, 2018   -     issues   -  

With a big section on food safety in general, and on the microbiological risk on dried fruits and nuts in particular, this month’s Ingredients Insights edition was strongly matching Steripure’s business activity. While the European Food Industry still struggles to establish a coherent framework for quality control of natural low moisture food ingredients such as […]

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  Oct 31st, 2018   -     Prospect   -  

DISCOVER OUR 2018 STUDY ON The evolution of rancidity on untreated vs. roasted vs. vacuum saturated steam pasteurized nuts STUDY PRESENTATION Since the beginning of 2018, we conduct an 18-month study to monitor the development of rancidity on untreated nuts vs. roasted nuts vs. nuts pasteurized via a vacuum saturated steam injection process. WHAT CAN […]

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Are Pasteurized Nuts Good or Bad: Reasons Behind Nuts Pasteurization

  Oct 12th, 2018   -     Veille   -  

Should you buy pasteurized nuts or look for raw products only? Read and learn the truth about the dangers and benefits of pasteurization. A quite interesting impartial perspective on a subject that is still rising in the conscience of consumers and industrials.

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Two years later, the 2016 nutfruit article on the appraisal of microbiological risks in nuts remains relevant. How do you feel the market has developed since?

  Apr 6th, 2018   -     Veille   -  

“Even as the consumption of nuts is boosted by demonstrated health and nutritional benefits, the industry is bracing for regulatory action and growing customer demand to insure the microbiological safety of these popular snacks”

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FDA updates spice risk profile; 7,200 samples analyzed

  Mar 9th, 2018   -     Veille   -  

Four years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a draft risk profile on the public health dangers associated with spices, identifying the presence of pathogens such as Salmonella and filth in general. It described efforts to reduce the public health risk posed by consumption of contaminated spices and identified control options to prevent […]

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Olga Pierson and Marine Polesel have joined our team

  Jan 24th, 2018   -     Expertise, issues, Newletter January 2018, Prospect, Quality   -  

Olga Pierson is our new sales manager in charge of France, Southern Europe, Eastern Europe and South America. Born in White Russia, Olga came to France fifteen years ago to finish her Master’s degree in International Business. She has about ten years of experience in the import and export of fruit and vegetables and has […]

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Steripure : providing services at European level

     -     Expertise, issues, Newletter January 2018, Prospect   -  

Our company now generates half of its turnover on export markets, demonstrating that it is organized to work on a European scale, respecting the costs and deadlines required by the international market. The fact that a variety of European actors use our services also proves that the need for vacuum saturated steam treatment and thus […]

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Vacuum saturated steam injection : a treatment solution for organic products

The Steripure process is certified organic following norms and prescriptions of Ecocert FR-BIO-01; It can be used on organic products, which is not the case for most other heat treatments and even less for treatments such as irradiation. Their marketing strategies usually aligned with the axis of healthy lifestyle and nutrition, organic foods must (even […]

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