Our expertise

Experts in low moisture products pasteurization

An undetected presence of pathogenic bacteria or a poorly controlled bacterial load can affect the entire product distribution chain and lead to recalls, non-conformities, and significant brand image spoilage or consumer disaffection.

Over and beyond regulatory requirements in France and Europe * the market often demands compliance to stringent specifications to producers and importers.

To overcome and manage these constraints and risks, Steripure offers its expertise, skills and equipment.


A global service

Steripure offers global pasteurization and sterilization solution, covering the entire issue of removing pathogenic bacteria and managing general bacterial load level. We provide to our customers a value -added product with controlled bacteriological load, while retaining all the physical and organoleptic qualities of the product treated.

Industrial testing center

Two specific lines (Statisol 50® and Rotosol 60®) are dedicated to testing. The protocols are tailored to each and every client according to their specific requirements. Any dry or low moisture product can benefit from testing. Contact us for more information.

Benefits of co-development

In collaboration with our principal’s teams, we implement the different steps:  definition of test protocols, various analysis customized to products and customer’s expectations, access and use of our industrial facilities, selection of third party partners (analysis laboratories, certifying authorities, etc …), elaboration of progress and analysis reports.

What kind of products?

Since April 2012, more than 150 different products have been processed in our facilities. Steripure can pasteurize any low moisture product in powder or pieces such as:

– Dry food products

– Food supplements or neutraceticals

– Bio-cosmetics ingredients

* Steripure activity’s related regulation

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